Warning: be aware of scammers
It has been identified that the Visma EasyCruit brand was misused in fraudulent attempts. We remind you to never click on links in sms messages or emails, and to never download attachments. You should never share confidential information such as passwords or username.
We want to emphasize that Visma EasyCruit will never send an SMS to any user with a login link and ask for your login details.
If you experience anything suspicious do not hesitate to contact us at support.easycruit@visma.com.

We are preparing to make 2FA logins using Visma Connect available to you. On july 6th we will release an updated login page.

Instead of having all the required fields on the first page you will now be asked to input your company name first, click continue and then you will be transferred to the login method of your choice.

More information about Visma Connect can be found in the Help Center when you are logged in.

We would like to share with you a brief insight into the latest product development that took place over the past months. Click here to read more. (March 2021)

Take the guesswork out of your hiring practices! Visma EasyCruit is happy to introduce its partnership with Ontame.io. Allowing you to easily identify how and where to find the right talent, optimizing your recruitment process. Want to know more or see a demo? Contact your EasyCruit Customer Success Manager.